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Does Lady Gaga make you want to dance or maybe you’re an 80‘s diva and you still love to work out to Flash dance. Let’s face it, working out without music is no fun.

iSweat2theBeat is an iPhone app that suggests music that matches your feet to your favorite beat!

The application includes four major workout types: walking, running, cycling, and the elliptical in which there is a step by step guide that allows you to calculate your workout beat per minute pace.

This workout music companion apps begins by asking what type of exercise you are engaged with and from there you can pick the speed from a wide range. This will then be followed by a genre of your own choice like R&B, Jazz, Rock and so on.

It doesn’t provide the music but it does show you the link to go to on iTunes where you can download the actual song. So it is probably best to get the right music before you start your actual workout.


    * Database of 70,000+ song titles (no music provided) all classified by beat per minute and music genre
    * Search capabilities to find your favorite song, artist, album, year
    * Step by Step instructions on how to find your beat per minute pace using one of four major types of exercise: walking, running, cycling, elliptical
    * A specified direct link to itunes to download any song that correlates with your workout pace.
    * Automatic notification telling you that you’ve already got a certain song in your iPod and no need to download

Regular newly released songs will be added to the iSWEAT 2 the Beat app to keep data current with the radio and CD launches.

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