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Fox’s Glee series has been a sure hit in the country. The musical comedy drama series proves to be not only entertaining but the program reaches out for those who lack social connection. Now this is the time to get out of the shell and be you!

Smule has come up with an application to Gleeks. It works closely to a portable videoke or karaoke were one can sing original Glee soundtracks accompanied by lyrics on the screen. Never worry of you own a “not so good” voice. The software has the ability to correct one’s pitch and create vocal harmony whenever you sing alone.

One of the concepts of the Glee apps is to create virtual Glee clubs which targets audience around the globe. The sharing is done through the famous social networking sites Facebook and MySpace or one can do it via E-mail.

So how does one be able to create a virtual Glee club? One has to start with a Glee song from the list and record it. Then personal recorded songs as well as friends can be put together in layer. The blending of voices and the unique pitch correction will surely give you an awesome ensemble.

Whether you go solo or accompanied this is your chance to show your inner Gleek. Track lists are available at the Glee™ page. You can also check solo and group performances.


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