iPhone’s First Musical Instrument


The mystical sounds of the Ocarina are now iPhone’s 1st musical instrument app. This ancient flute-like instrument has evolved into a high tech application by the magic of Apple and Smule, an Iphone app development company.

The Ocarina™ is believed to have dated back 12,000 years and rose to pop culture fame in the Legend of Zelda games. A woodwind instrument has an oval shaped ceramic body, 4-12 finger holes and a mouth tube. Sound is created with softly blown air and playing your fingers over the holes in the top of the instrument.

Ocarina™ by Smule

Similarly with iPhone’s virtual version air is blown directly into the built-in microphone while the circles on the phone’s screen act as holes. Holding different combinations of the circles lowers and raises pitch while tilting the phone during playing will alter vibrato rate and depth.

Create relaxing spa-like music with ease from your Ocarina. Record and produce beautiful ambient sounds to share with your friends from your iPhone. Sit back ladies, take off the Jimmy Choo heels and enjoy the peaceful music you can create with Ocarina.

Dr. Ge Wange is the inventor of the virtual Ocarina and co-founder of Smule. Apple brings you this wonderful app that has quickly become a top seller at iTunes.

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