This web site provides information about mobile phones and mobile apps for women who are too busy to keep up on all the latest tools and gadgets. At we keep track of programs for your cell phone that are useful to you.

There are a ton of mobile apps (applications) out there. The iPhone, the most popular cell phone in the US, has more than 250,000 apps alone. Add to that all of the apps for the Blackberry, the Google Android phones and the Palm mobile phones, and that makes for a huge number of apps altogether. So we thought we would try to make life easier for you by picking out of those hundreds of thousands of apps some that we thought would be more relevant for you.

With all those apps out there it is easy for us to overlook some of them. So we would really appreciate it if you could bring any apps that you really find useful to our attention. We will then add them to our listing here on Let us know what you like!
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